Aug 31, 2016

Disney's Pete's Dragon (New Zealand footage in movies)

We believe that New Zealand is a wonderful place to play golf for the same reasons that make it a wonderful place to vacation! Simply put the country is striking, and as one of the most beautiful in the world it remains relatively unpopulated and surprisingly accessible for the international traveler. Golf in New Zealand is as varied as its landscape and ranges from beautiful mountain courses, to links style on scenic coastlines, to tree-lined parkland courses. Few places in the world offer the same variety and challenges in such a relatively small space.

The video below was posted by Tourism New Zealand to highlight thoughts and reactions from the cast and crew members of Disney's recent film, Pete's Dragon. The movie, filmed throughout New Zealand, is actually supposed to be set in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. We thought it was appropriate to post as it provides a small taste of the range of terrain which may be experienced in the country.

We hope you and your family enjoy the film and perhaps think about New Zealand as a future destination. Whether or not that includes golf is up to you, but our team is ready and willing no matter how you choose to use your time. Cheers! -The Best of New Zealand Golf Staff

Author: editor editor