Why Us

We smoothly integrate golf into a comprehensive itinerary and ensure your time in New Zealand is spent making memories and enjoying all that the country has to offer.

Separating the Difference Between a Good Holiday and a Great Holiday

New Zealand inspires travelers from around the world with its rich natural beauty, renown hospitality and ability to serve guests from all backgrounds. As a country it really is a phenomenal place for honeymoons, family vacations and holidays. Many travelers will visit the country and have a good time having checked off the boxes from the most popular Trip Advisor activities...and they will leave New Zealand not understanding what a great time could have been had they received a little guidance prior to visiting.

For 27+ years our team has crafted custom New Zealand travel itineraries for clients from around the world. Working across a range of budgets and time constraints we recognize that New Zealand still offers something unique and special.

And sometimes sheer volume on the internet actually makes something less special in the end!

Thus, we offer our clients the ability to leverage our relationships and personal experience to mitigate risk of them having a “good time” and increase the odds of them having a “great time” in New Zealand.

Because Golf in NZ Offers Something Unique and Should be Experienced First Hand

As a country New Zealand has made great strides over the last 20+ years to enhance and promote world-class golf architecture. Modern super-luxury courses like Tara Iti and Cape Kidnappers offer simply the best experiences and accommodations available. However not all travel to New Zealand is centered upon the “top courses”. There also exists an opportunity to explore unique golf and align with broader travel plans.

As a golfer you most likely remember great rounds of golf not only for successful shots and low scores, but for the experience a course itself presents. Golf is how you choose to spend your time and ultimately experience all that New Zealand has to offer. Some choose to chase the famed Brown Trout, some choose to bungee jump off of bridge, and some choose to tee off in a location they may or may not play ever again. In any case you are most likely searching for the uniqueness of the moment and a chance to appreciate the act of discovery for itself! New Zealand golf is an ideal location to do just that!

Our Logo

The Best of New Zealand logo is derived from the image of a Kiwi – a small bird native to New Zealand. As a national symbol of the country the term “Kiwi” has also been adopted by New Zealanders as a term of endearment, and is a colloquial expression for the country's citizens.

As one of the most iconic representations of the country, the Kiwi is also endangered. It stands as a reminder of the uniqueness that is New Zealand and something that should be enjoyed but preserved appropriately. Small and flightless, the Kiwi make their home at home amongst the native flora and fauna and are treasured throughout the world as part of the land.

The qualities of Kiwi – it's rarity, uniqueness, and beauty also represent the country of New Zealand. As a company we proudly associate ourselves with this magnificent country and hope to help bring its treasures and beauty to our clients.

Customer reviews

We have returned from our trip to New Zealand, which went very well. I want to thank you for your expert help in planning the trip according to our interests. We had a thoroughly enjoyable time and loved the beauty of the South Island.... many thank you's for your able assistance in tailoring the perfect trip for us.

—Karen F., Moraga, CA

Frank and the Best of NZ team were exceptional in their planning support and execution of our trip to NZ North Island. We gave them the parameters - dates and golf courses we wanted to play and the pacing we wanted for the trip in terms of days in each region - and they produced an absolutely amazing trip for us. All of the arrangements were flawlessly executed and we sailed through the trip effortlessly. their expert advice - how much driving vs. in country driving would be ideal for us to maximize our experience, the excursion to Cape Reinga which was amazing, having our dinner prepared the first night after a long day getting to Bay of Islands was perfect and the selection of accommodations in Hawke's Bay was brilliant.

We will never forget the spectacular views from Kauri Cliffs golf course, the jet boat rides in Taupo, cycling through the vineyards in Hawke's bay and ending up sipping chardonnay with lunch at Clearview winery, the splendor of playing golf among the birds and grounds at Wairakei, and ofcourse the spellbinding course at Cape Kidnappers. We could tell Best of NZ have strong relationships in NZ because the people we encountered in NZ as our guides/hosts reflected just that - professional and friendly. NZ was an amazing, epic experience for us and we could not have asked for better support and execution from Best of NZ/Frank and his team. We cant wait to go back, this time to the South Island!!!!

Thanks again Frank, YOU are the Best and the Best of NZ is truly the BEST!!

—Peter & Karen S., San Diego, CA