Oct 13, 2016

Royal Wellington To Host the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship in 2017

If you are reading this you may already understand the draw of New Zealand and what the country offers in terms of beauty and great golf. Looks like, per a recent article in Stuff, that the country has caught the attention to more than a few! Billy Payne, Chairman of Augusta National, hopped a flight directly from Arnold Palmer's funeral to attend the Asia-Pacific Championship (AAC) this past week- demonstrating the importance of the tournament to the Masters Committee. However, more interesting news for golf in New Zealand is that he also announced that Royal Wellington will host the AAC in 2017.

The winner of this tournament is granted a slot to play at the Masters, and indeed it is an important tournament for both player and club.

"Well, New Zealand, of course, is one of the greatest golfing countries in the Asia-Pacific, if not the entire world. We have been honestly looking at New Zealand for a number of years. We have been pushed in that direction by one of our own members, very proudly a New Zealander [businessman Craig Heatley], and we have been introduced to a wonderful golf course at Royal Wellington, one that we know will be a perfect fit to that championship."

- Billy Payne, Augusta National Chairman -

Royal Wellington has much to be proud of within the club, in addition to a recent multi-million dollar makeover!




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