Jan 16, 2017

The uniqueness of golfing at the Wairakei Golf & Sanctuary

Q: Why do we look to New Zealand as a great golfing destination? 

A: For the country's ability to provide unique experiences which can not be easily had on one's home course.

Lake Taupo is a great example! Located in the center of the North Island, this region not only provides beautiful scenery via a crystal-clear lake, water falls and active thermal activity; but it is also in close proximity to other natural wonders like glow worm caves.

One of the courses in the area that may be of interest to both golfer and bird enthusiast is Wairakei. As an active sanctuary this course is fenced from predators and home to dozens of bird species- including sixteen kiwi chicks!

Per the latest Wairakei update: "Most of the kiwi were taken from the wild as eggs and incubated at Kiwi Encounter, Rainbow Springs Nature Park, Rotorua. Three to four weeks after hatch the young chicks were brought to Wairakei where they will stay for approximately 6 months or until they reach around 1200g when they are more likely to be able to defend themselves from their most common predator, the stoat."

We hope our services help clients to experience more of what New Zealand has to offer by providing first-hand knowledge and guidance for when you visit. Lake Taupo and places like the Wairakei Golf & Sanctuary are a few of the special places that make New Zealand special. Let our team help you get all you can out of your New Zealand vacation!

For more information see www.kiwisforkiwi.org

Author: Frank Krieger