Mar 03, 2020

Travel Insurance and Corona Virus

Many international travelers today may have questions regarding insurance and if they are covered for outbreaks like COVID-19. If considering purchasing insurance for your travel our suggestion are:

1) Consider "Cancel for Any Reason" plans if traveling in the next 6 months. The message from many insurance companies is that they are unable to address fear of travel due to the virus as it is not a "covered reason." The issue insurance companies face is that they cannot pre-determine claims until all facts are presented. So please be sure to speak directly with your preferred provider and understand if there is a general exclusion for pandemic events.

As a tip: Some insurance companies will require "Cancel for Any Reason" plans to be purchased within a certain time frame from your initial trip deposit.

TravelSafe is an insurance provider we offer. Below is a statement they have provided:

COVID-19 was officially declared a public emergency by the World Health Organization. While travel suppliers and airlines are trying to accommodate travelers, some delays and cancellations are inevitable. TravelSafe understands those with plans affected by the coronavirus will have questions about their coverage, and they are encouraged to call us 24/7 with any questions.
The following are some general guidelines regarding the various coverages that may be available (items below are examples):
Trip Delay: Additional meal, local transportation and accommodation expenses may be reimbursed up to the amount provided by the plan if you have left home and travel is delayed 6 hours or more due to common carrier (such as airplane) delays or cancellations. Coverage may also apply due to quarantine. Additional covered reasons may apply. The dollar amount of coverage will be based on the plan you selected. Please refer to your plan documents for complete details.
Missed Connection: This benefit can reimburse unused land and water arrangements and additional transportation to catch up to the trip if you miss your cruise or tour departure because you are delayed for three hours or more by a covered reason. Covered reasons can include a three hour delay of a common carrier (such as an airplane), or if you are placed in quarantine due to the coronavirus. The dollar amount of coverage for Missed Connection will vary depending on the plan you purchased. For more details, please review your plan documents.
Trip Interruption: TravelSafe plans offer Trip Interruption coverage for your travel arrangements if they are disrupted and you must join your trip late, leave early, or return later than originally scheduled due to a covered reason. Depending on the TravelSafe plan, covered reasons to interrupt the trip can include: quarantine due to the coronavirus or a government-mandated shutdown of an airport or air traffic control system for reasons other than terrorism or an act of war. You may also be covered if you lose 50% or more of your scheduled trip duration due to quarantine because of the coronavirus or due to a common carrier (such as an airplane) delay. Trip Interruption bases the dollar amount of coverage on the amount of trip cost you insured on the plan. To be certain that you have this protection, please review your plan documents or call TravelSafe.
Trip Cancellation: TravelSafe plans offer Trip Cancellation of your trip if your arrival on the trip is delayed and causes you to lose 50% or more of the scheduled trip duration due to the reasons covered under the Missed Connection benefit. Covered reasons can include if you are quarantined and it results in you losing 50% or more of your scheduled trip duration or if a common carrier (such as an airplane) delay results in you losing 50% or more of your scheduled trip duration. The dollar amount of coverage is determined by the amount of trip cost you insured on the plan. Please read your plan documents for specific information.
This information is a general overview of coverages that may apply if travel plans are impacted by the coronavirus. The coverage available for your trip will be based on the terms in your travel protection plan. Additional terms apply to all coverages discussed. Additional coverages may be able to provide benefits. Please refer to your plan documents to learn more or contact TravelSafe with questions. Agents are available 24/7 and happy to help.
Author: Frank Krieger