Oct 06, 2021

The Top Courses Built After 1960

While we have known that the time and attention paid to New Zealand golf over the last 20 years has produced some of the best in the world, a lot of the golfing world is not familiar with its quality. That's why we were happy to see such great representation in Golfweek's recent top 50 Modern International Courses list.

Hit the link to see all of the list, but per the article:

This is the first year for this International Modern list, and it is comprised of thousands of individual ratings of courses around the world. We also have published the new Classic Courses version, shining a spotlight on the best international courses built before 1960.

New Zealand is represented by:

  • Tara Iti (2)
  • Cape Kidnappers (4)
  • Kauri Cliffs (9)
  • The Hills (47)

Not too bad to have four on the list and three in the top 10! While many of these rankings are in the eye of the beholder, we look forward to continuing to follow the list. That Jack's Point (Queenstown) is not on the list is questionable.... and surely the new tracks on Te Arai Peninsula (sister courses to Tara Iti) should represent very well in the future.

Oh? You weren't aware that Coore/Crenshaw and Tom Doak et al were designing new courses just north of Auckland? Stay tuned to this blog... or give us a ring!

Author: Frank Krieger