Oct 20, 2017

Another Top Golfing Location in New Zealand!?

Cromwell historically has been known more for being a center of those who pursue gold, not golf. In the 1860s the gold rush brought hundreds to the area. Today this region, located about 40 miles outside of Queenstown, is lined with orchards and vineyards. Central Otago has the climate and reputation for fine wine and stone fruit production.

But what has this to do with golf?

Tony Quinn is an entrepreneur who made his fortune in the pet food business. After selling his company for $400mm+ he built Highlands Motorsport Park in Cromwell in 2013- creating a world-class track and really fun tourist destination. For those who love race cars and experience them at pace, rides are available in vehicles like a Turbo Porsche Cayennes, GT3s and even Maclaren supercars. Opting to drive yourself in a prototype race car is also highly recommended and all it takes is a quick 30 min safety instruction.

Mr. Quinn is originally from Scotland and doesn't play golf. So when the Otago Daily Times reported recently that he was pursuing the build of a $40mm NZD golf resort and complex near the existing Highlands track, it may have raised a few eyebrows. 

Per Mr. Quinn, a luxury golf course and resort in this area will help augment the offering to existing members of the racetrack while also serving visitors to the area. Queenstown already has a few top courses, but the involvement of Kiwi designer Brett Thompson (Jacks PointClearwater ResortThe Hills and Windross Farm) and former golf pro Phil Tataurangi should only serve to make this region a must for avid golfers and their families. 

We are excited at the prospect of additional attention to yet another high quality golf course in New Zealand. Combined with the myriad of other activities to do in the greater Queenstown area we certainly hope this project is a success!

Source: New Zealand Herald via the Otago Daily Times

Author: Frank Krieger