Jan 07, 2019

Arrowtown Recognized in Tom Doak's Latest Book

Although it is the oldest course in the Queenstown area, and one shaped in a time when architecture needed to account for how the land sits around each hole, Arrowtown GC remains a little-known gem. Never gracing the glossy pages of international golf magazines or having received accolades of perhaps less-deserving courses, it nevertheless has remained a favorite of club professionals and Kiwi players for years. Constructed by locals back in the early 1900s, the course winds its way through schisms in the earth to produce a true test.

However, it remains under-the-radar no more! In the most recent volume of Tom Doak's Confidential Guide to Golf Courses, Arrowtown has rightly been called out as something special... and we couldn't agree more!

"...to fully immerse yourself in Kiwi golf culture and appreciate the game in this beautiful land you do need to include a stop at one of its many unpretentious old country courses. There are many.... though none as charming, or quite as quirky, as Arrowtown- and certainly none that are as much fun to play." - The Confidential Guide to Golf Courses Vol. 5
Author: Frank Krieger