Feb 25, 2020

Foreplay Podcast - Australia and New Zealand

Following his trip to Australia and New Zealand, Sam "Riggs" Bozoian shared a podcast with his thoughts and reactions. You can Click here to listen to the podcast in its entirety (NSFW for kids) and below are a few callouts, if we may toot our own horn for a bit:

"... and luckily an angel from the planning heavens, Frank Krieger, who is with Best of New Zealand Golf - highly recommended to me by my good friend Matt Ginella..."

Riggs goes on to call Frank a "hero" at some point in the podcast, however we differ on that opinion.

We jest.

It was a pleasure to put it together the trip and most glad to receive feedback that...

"... and this was all so incredibly easy because of Frank and the Best of New Zealand Golf folks... all this stuff was made so freakin' easy..."
Author: Frank Krieger