Oct 22, 2018

A Few Words and Phrases One May Hear on their Trip to New Zealand

Traveling to New Zealand is a lot of fun. Trust us. Seriously, that's a plug to call one of our experts. You can trust us!

However, while in the country what really makes a trip is the chance to interact with New Zealanders!


This is the experience that you just can't get from the internet. It's the interaction, the straightforward conversations and the generally just fun way people have about them who are from New Zealand.

However, when in the country it may help to understand a few terms used in order to best communicate with your hosts. It can be confusing, but below is a list we have collected which may help break the small language barrier:

  • "Kiwi": This is an easy one. It's a fruit. And a person. Either or. Get it?
  • "Jandals": Flip flops. Different from sandals.
  • "Yeah, nah bro": This is tough because it's an affirmation followed by a denial... followed usually by a retort. It that confusing to you? Yeah, no bro, it's not that hard. See how that works?
  • "Sweet As": That's it. That's all they say. Not "sweet as honey" or "sweet as chocolate" or really sweet as anything else sweet for that matter. We are just left hanging. It means great or cool or awesome... and it's better left that way. We have no idea where it came from and I doubt the Kiwi saying it does either.
  • "Hard Case": Not a tough guy but a funny one. This is WAY different from in the States because it's essentially the absolute opposite of how Americans would use this term.
  • "Chur": Thank you.
  • "You're all good": Thank you.
  • "Cheers": Thank you.
  • "Thanks": Get out of here you creep (just kidding... wanted to see if you were still reading)
  • "Hot Chips": French Fries. Notice that this is not just "chips" but "hot chips"
  • "Tiki tour": A brief tour of showing of something
  • "Tramp" A long walk.

And there you go Cuzzie. You're all good. No worries if you're munted. Just enjoy your tiki tour around the country and come back stoked.

Author: Frank Krieger