Oct 13, 2017

Air New Zealand' Kiwi "Pete"

Air New Zealand has great commercials that are quintessential New Zealand. In this latest video a potentially sad situation for Pete turns into a nice trip. For those who may not know a Kiwi is flightless bird in addition to the nickname those from the country will use as a nickname.

Used in context...

  • Hey look! There is a Kiwi, isn't it so cute running around the forest floor!?
  • Oh Ed? He's a good Kiwi bloke.

For many years The Best of New Zealand has partnered with Air New Zealand to offer air service for our clients both internationally and within the country. Currently direct flights leave San Francisco, Los Angeles and Houston. These flights leave at night (around 11:30pm) and land into Auckland at 5:30 - 7am, depending on the time of year.

The best kept secret about flying to New Zealand as a North American? In the more popular times to visit the difference in time is +21 hours, so this is only 3 hours to your body clock from the West Coast of the US! If you use the late night flight for sleep you can wake up and ready to take on the day as soon as you land!

  • 11:30pm: Take off from the USA. Watch a movie while having a light meal/ snack
  • Fall Asleep for a few hours (perhaps easier in the lay-flat seats in Business Class or on the Skycouch)
  • 5am (8am on the West Coast of the US): Wake up. Have a light breakfast/ watch another movie
  • 6:30am (9:30am to your body): Land, clear customs and you have the entire day in front of you!

If you are interested to explore any of the topics Pete touches upon in the video please contact us! Our New Zealand experts have done it all and experienced it first hand. We can speak from experience and help you organize a New Zealand trip according to your interests!

  • Great food & Wine Tasting: Whether organizing day tours, private chefs or meet-the-winemaker programs, we have relationships throughout New Zealand to know the better areas and partners for you to meet
  • Fly Fishing: We are honored to have helped thousands clients over the years via The Best of New Zealand Fly Fishing. As an angler it remains one of the best locations in the world to cast to trout in gin-clear streams and rivers. A must-do!
  • Maori Culture: Immersing oneself in the history of New Zealand and taking time to include a learning experience around Maori culture helps enhance any trip to New Zealand.
  • Sheep: Taking pictures of sheep on the hillside is fine, but many also enjoy a more in-depth understanding of the wool industry and its importance to New Zealand. Visiting working stations and meeting farmers is great for adults and kids alike!
  • Hobbiton: Amazing movie set used by Sir Peter Jackson and the Weta crew for the epic movies- not only for Tolken fans alone!
  • Bungee Jumping: Invented in Queenstown, bungee jumping is one of the many thrilling experiences to be had in New Zealand.
  • National Parks: A large part of the draw to New Zealand is the easy access to some of the most stunning landscape in the world, all in such a relatively small country. This allows one to experience nature up-close and from outside a car window.
  • Nightlife/ Sightseeing: With only 4 million people in the country and areas far away from light pollution, the Southern sky at night is both humbling and awesome. Our team knows accommodations that provide both comfort and allow you to have an experience you most likely would not have on your own.
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