Oct 29, 2018

The 19th Hole: Beyond Your Round of Golf

You are taking time to visit New Zealand to play golf and it should be a special time! Our team understands that this often entails weighing a number of factors outside of just great golf locations. While some may visit New Zealand to play its top courses, and forgo other activities altogether, others will wish to play more casually and incorporate things like family-friendly tours, wine-tasting & cuisine, and cultural experiences.

The way that The Best of New Zealand works is hand-in-hand with you to provide help in your decision-making process but also hand-in-hand with our partners in New Zealand! This produces the best possible trip for you. Our goal is to balance our own experience throughout the country with a number of factors that pertain to your situation- producing something special.

A few points to think about in your planning process and course selection may be:

  • Overall Course design (architecture, strategy, fun)
  • Cost (greens fees, caddies, etc.)
  • Pace of play (i.e. walking vs cart, length of course)
  • Ease of logistics (i.e. efficient use of transportation and time) within an itinerary
  • Proximity to other activities within the country outside of the rounds of golf
  • The condition of the courses given time of year/ upkeep
  • How much time one has within the country (North Island v South Island v both)

While some golf locations consistently maintain a high level of conditioning, we keep current with course conditions and stay wary of changes that may take away from your overall enjoyment. This applies to not only golf but to accommodations, tours and activities. In the end, nobody wants to spend time and capital to take a vacation only come away with a sour taste in their mouth due to an unplayable course, unfriendly service or over-crowded tour.

How Does Our Team Help?

Our philosophy is to first focus attention on the macro-level aspects of the trip and then delve into the details of the every day movement. Efficiency turns "a good trip" into "a great trip". We work to make your money goes further- not always focusing on the least expensive but the best available in order to increase the return on your dollar given your budget!

Steps We Take To Deliver:

  • Being reliable and upfront with our clients: We provide an itemized itinerary with line-item & transparent costing
  • Fast service & clear communication: We strive to work through the details that you may not consider
  • Deliver a high level of service and deliver the best possible trip within a given budget
  • Offering current knowledge & expertise: Via years in the business and constant contact with our partners in NZ

A forgotten details, and one perhaps not at top of one's list when planning a trip to New Zealand, are the people you interact with and meet throughout your trip. Our goal is to provide a positive experience. We work to place you in front of friendly and helpful staff, knowledgeable guides and better-run activities.

This means we lean on operators who have proven over time to deliver top service. This mitigates risk and increases the chance that our clients are best positioned to have the best time available. Our partners visit our offices here in the States and we make sure to do the same when in New Zealand. They are the unsung heroes in our line of work and are much appreciated for their dedication to providing you with a great golf vacation.

Author: Frank Krieger