Oct 26, 2017

Flying Business Premier on Air New Zealand

Business Premier

Business Premier is available on all Boeing 777-200, 777-300 and 787-9 (Dreamliner) long haul services operated by Air New Zealand. With this fare you receive premium check-in, courtesy lounge entry, 3 pieces of priority-checked luggage, and travel via an individual lie-flat seat.

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Flights from the United States will leave late at night and last anywhere from 13- 15 hours (depending on the departure airport). In addition to wearing comfortable clothes (or changing into them on the flight) and remembering to drink water, when first getting situated on the flight you may opt to forgo a large meal and instead ask the attendant for the wine/cheese plate. This allows you to eat, have the meal removed and your lie-flat bed setup ahead of the rest of the cabin.

Depending on how much you may sleep on the flight, there is usually time for a movie at the outset and toward the end of the flight. As you approach New Zealand a breakfast will be served so if starting a movie be sure not to pick a too long of one prior to landing or you will not be able to finish it!

In the more popular times to travel to New Zealand the time difference is +21 hours, so landing in Auckland between 6-7am will feel like 9-10am to the West Coast of the United States. This allows you to clear customs and continue on to a domestic flight within New Zealand or enjoy the day in Auckland without too much jet lag!

Author: Frank Krieger