Sep 23, 2016

Waitangi Golf Club information and Highlights from "The Cut"

As perhaps the most significant location for New Zealand history the Waitangi area draws visitors from around the world interested in understanding more about the formation of this great country. Luckily for golfers it is also happens to be in a stunning location and includes a golf course that has flown under the radar with the advent of more super-luxurious developments like Kauri Cliffs and Tara Iti.

However, for those traveling to the area and are looking for a more cost effective golf outing, or perhaps augmenting the experience of a Kauri Cliffs... we absolutely recommend Waitangi.


1) Stunning views to the Bay of Islands

2) Narrow fairways and small greens = a challenge!

3) Recent improvements combined with a Kiwi experience

Our team can also recommend cost-effective accommodations and activities in the area for members of your group who perhaps do not play.

Here is an older article in "The Cut" that may shed more light onto this hidden gem in the Northland:

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