Sep 12, 2022

Visit New Zealand Freely for the First Time in 3 Years!

New Zealand is rejoining the world! We were so happy to read today that the country has made changes to its Covid response and, effective today, restrictions have been eliminated for visitors to the country:

No More Masks: The NZ Government requirement to wear masks has been dropped with the exception of health care settings (hospitals, doctors’ surgery, aged-care, pharmacy/chemist).

No More Masks on Flights: Air New Zealand released a statement advising face coverings no longer required on Air New Zealand operated flights.

Proof of Vaccine Not Required: New Zealand now welcomes all arrivals, whether they show they are vaccinated or not.

No Self-Testing on Arrival: There is no longer a need for testing on arrival or self-isolation. Free rapid antigen tests will be provided at the entry point and testing will encouraged but not required.

What is required to visit New Zealand?

  1. NZeTA: The is best done on your mobile device by downloading the "NZeTA" app
  2. The IVL: This is a $35 tourist tax, which can also be done via the NZeTA application

Needless to say, we are ecstatic about these changes and that our team can help you plan your next trip. With the reduction in restrictions, we hope any barriers to your plans will have been removed to travel to beautiful New Zealand.

Author: Frank Krieger