Mar 11, 2020

Actions Taken By Air New Zealand to Help Protect You

As a wholesale partner of Air New Zealand we have enjoyed 30 years of partnership. Recently the airline reached out with information as steps being taken to help protect passengers from CV19. Chief Medical Officer Dr Ben Johnston has provided the following answers to common questions and concerns around COVID-19 to help you when planning future travel. Dr Johnston is one of the top aviation medicine practitioners globally and is a member of the Aerospace Medical Association and the IATA Medical Advisory Group.

We hope that these steps help to reassure you that indeed you can travel in confidence. As a business we will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation, so keep an eye out for further updates and blog entries. Feel free to visit the Air New Zealand Travel Alerts page for up to date information as well.

Steps taken for safely traveling with Air New Zealand include:

  • Thoroughly cleaning aircraft and lounges Extra steps are taken to sanitize aircrafts and lounges, which includes introducing a stronger disinfectant product for routine cleaning. Air New Zealand aircraft are also fitted with hospital grade air filtration systems which filter out viruses.
  • Listening to the experts Following expert advice, the airline has upped their cleaning regime, rolling out hand sanitizer for customers and staff in airports, lounges and on the aircraft. All of the aircraft have now been outfitted with biohazard kits to keep employees safe. As always, we encourage regular hand washing as the best defense while travelling.
  • Providing international fare flexibility Should your plans change as a result of COVID-19, Air New Zealand is waiving the standard change fee for customers who purchase an international ticket between 5-31 March, no matter how many changes are made.

Due to increased screening for some international flights, check-in may take longer than usual. This goes for customers connecting from regional airports as well, so make sure you arrive at the airport with plenty of time to spare!

Author: Frank Krieger