Nov 09, 2017

​The Sitting Man awaits you at The Hills

The Sitting Man awaits for you at The Hills!

Run while you can golfers! 

Actually The Sitting Man is not the name of a new horror film, but rather a unique sculpture recently installed at The Hills GC just outside of Queenstown. As the latest addition of art added along the the course this truly larger-than-life piece quietly sits on the first hole.




It took British artist Sean Henry about three years to complete the 1.2-ton bronze piece. And although painted and standing almost 12 feet high, its scale is may be somewhat lost against the large mountains in the background until you approach.

A counterpart man, also seated on a three-legged stool with a suitcase, sits high up on a bluff in Yorkshire, England. And although there is great golf in those parts of the world as well, that sculpture one can not see as you hit an approach shot on a world-class golf course. 

Only in New Zealand.

To learn more about The Hills see our page. And contact our team if you are thinking about a trip. We specialize in New Zealand and would be happy to make arrangements for you to experience this unique golfing experience.

Author: Frank Krieger