Nov 02, 2017

Golf from Bhutan and "The Roof Of The World"

Although we love pretty much all things New Zealand here at The Best of New Zealand, there is another special location that a few in the office can almost call a second home- the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Located in the Himalayan mountains this small Buddhist kingdom is home to majestic monasteries, ancient fortresses (called Dzongs) and dramatic mountainous landscape. Similar to New Zealand, Bhutan's environment actually ranges from the subtropical to less temperate climates thanks to its altitude and steep mountains.

So why include Bhutan on our golf blog post? After all it's common knowledge that archery is the national sport of Bhutan. Right?

Well, here's why:

1) This past summer we had the opportunity to play The Royal Thimpu Golf Club

2) With the recent completion of the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship in Wellington, NZ we were happy to see an Bhutanese golfer in the field: Ugen Dorji

3) If people in our office have been to Bhutan 25+ times and both fly fished and golfed there... it's bound to make it onto our website at some point!

With that, please look to our subsequent entry about Royal Thimpu. As for fly fishing in Bhutan, this is accomplished via permission from the Royal Family. If interested, contact us and we would be happy to help arrange via a special package.

Author: Frank Krieger